when to use "aapt add" for shared object files

by farrar » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 02:27:38 GMT

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 hi All

I have the following so file from a vendor that needs to be added to a
demo apk:


I was instructed to do it like this:

aapt add -v LASRDemo.apk "lib/armeabi/libLoqASRJNIWrapper.so"

This will package the so file within the apk, but the directory
structure is not preserved:

$ unzip -l LASRDemo_signed.apk

 Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
      980  2010-07-16 10:19   META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
     1101  2010-07-16 10:19   META-INF/MYALIAS.SF
      937  2010-07-16 10:19   META-INF/MYALIAS.RSA
      195  2010-07-13 16:47   res/drawable/icon.png
      740  2010-07-13 16:47   res/layout/creatingro.xml
      760  2010-07-13 16:47   res/layout/error.xml
      744  2010-07-13 16:47   res/layout/loading.xml
     3376  2010-07-13 16:47   res/layout/main.xml
      592  2010-07-13 16:47   res/layout/my_spinner_style.xml
      740  2010-07-13 16:47   res/layout/recognizing.xml
     1888  2010-07-13 16:47   AndroidManifest.xml
     2756  2010-07-13 16:47   resources.arsc
   136032  2010-07-13 16:47   classes.dex
    48238  2010-07-13 15:11   loquendo/asr/demo/
  2686392  2010-07-13 16:13   libLoqASRJNIWrapper.so

I need to carry over the "lib/armeabi" part as well. First off, is
this the correct approach for add a 3rd party .so file, and if so, can
I force it to preserve the dir structure? If I'm barking up the wrong
tree, what is a better way to handle this?



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