Understanding issue with RemoteService example in Android ApiDemos

by Android » Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:30:09 GMT

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 Hi ,

I have few understanding issues regarding the Remote service, could
you plz help me out.

I have gone through the RemoteService example in Android ApiDemos, but
i am not getting which file to run for Client site and which one at
Server site.

These are the list of files used for RemoteService


As per my knowledge the Server .APK should use the RemoteService.java,
IRemoteService.aidl ,IRemoteServiceCallback.aidl, ISecondary.aidl.

Client .APK shoud use RemoteServiceBinding.java,
IRemoteService.aidl ,IRemoteServiceCallback.aidl, ISecondary.aidl. Not
sure whether my understanding is correct, plz suggest.

I am not getting exactly the flow to start the Remote Service, i mean
how to start the Client APK and Server APK. Is it first i have to run
the Server APK and then will start the Client APK. The AIDL would be
used to communicate between the Client and Server, but i didn't able
to get where exactly the Client triggers to start the service in
Server site.

Could you please provide a detail explanation to proceed, that would
be really helpful for me.


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