what is sim's initial pin code?

by www_...@yahoo.com.cn » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 18:22:02 GMT

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 how to enable and disable android emulater   sim's pin code.and how to
change the pin code ?

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1. ADC2 paid app expiration date.

I have a paid app which I want to submit into the competion.   I
read the Android developer challenge rules and I had a couple of
questions pertaining to this section:

  "If Participant chooses, Participant may enable technical measures
in their Entry to prevent use of the Entry beyond a certain date
provided that date is later than the date marking the end of the
Challenge. Participant may not charge a fee for the download of an
Entry by the Community or Expert Judges. "

   In a previous post, I read that paid apps are eligible, but here it
is written that a "Participant may not charge a fee for the

   Are the rules suggesting that a paid app should have a free trial
version with a 4 month expiration date.  So during the 4 months, there
will be no sales.  Or, will the competion somehow give the paid
application free only to the judges and the developer is just
responsible for making sure that it has a 4 month expiration date so
the judges will not be able to use it past the end of the
competition ?

Thanks !


2. My android pocket PC fantasy.

Freeware pocket media center videophone concept.
by Ozwel Albet Yul Thachjig
 (i was Loris Erik Kent Hemlof)
2009 July Thursday 16th.

Buttons on front panel.
      Text edit,    Broadcast receiver,
Email,                                            Phone [video and/or
audio only]
      3D,             File transfer,                 Web-
browser,                                 Player;

 Powered by nuclear illumination solar battery; Litroenergy Power
Cells generate enough electricity to power the device at 2 watts for
10 years [175kwh] with no radioactive polution or waste. Litroenergy
light emitting micro particles (Litrospheres) and/or sheets are not
affected by heat or cold and produce constant light. Used in
combination with solar cells to create light weight, non-toxic, non-
radioactive, durable, solid-state, long life, low cost electrical
power. MPKCO's Litroenergy Power Cells.

 Environmental light [zero consumption except when turning pages] all
day illuminated black and white screen or full power color screen.
Anti-reflective screen coating.
 Purchased by governments for loan to students.
 No camera on the outside, just one screen camera for video phone.
 Running the Linux operating system with a Sony Plastation 3 operating
system emulator so as to be able to run all Playstation 3 games and
plus video-phone function graphics.
  2 x NVIDIA Tegra dual core chipsets.
[ With 9 specialist chipsets as selected as required by the 8 front
panel buttons. ] for the best performance per watt performance [ .6
watts per ghz] of any currant portable {*filter*} console chip-set on the
1- Networked 4 CPU cores. For to edit emails and web-pages, For file
manager, and most general purpose tasks. Plus for brower. [ARM11 MP]
2-3D modeling processor chipset. [OpenGL 3.0 compliance]. For 3D
{*filter*}, modeling and testing,
3-Video processor chipset; For 1080p FullHD Video with full hardware
acceleration for smooth playback of flash video. For playing videos
and videophone.
4-Audio player processor and amplifier chipset; Creative soundblaster
chipset mp3player and synthesizer  processor.
5-Television broadcast receiver chipset. To watch 1080p television.
6-Wireless broadband internet chipset; [WiFi, WiMax and other
standards] To publish web-pages, and send and receive emails, and pod-
casts and for videophone.
7-Television broadcast receiver and decoder chipset.
8-Radio broadcast receiver and decoder chipset.
9-Datacast receiver chipset. To receive broadcast text-casts.
 The [top] screen a  touchscreen.
  1 x 128 GB of internal SSD flash storage memory ubgradeable to 2 x
128 GB of solid state drive flash storage memopry. No hard disk drive.
For durability and extra long service life [ 1 year of student
abuse ].
  1 x 2 GB of RAM upgradeable to 2 x 2GB of Random Access Memory.
 On off switch, and Pen socket on right side,
 No internal CD/DVD/BluRay drive.  [ Flash cards are much smaller,
more durable, more capacity, rewritable than internal disk drives ]
External USB cd/DVD/BluRay player / recorder.
  2 x USB 1/2/3
  2 x SD/SDHC/SDXC flash card socket with dirt cover. For installation
media and backup of test results files.
  1 x communications module bay on left side Wireless; LTE, WiMax and
2 x wifi for wireless media center remote control and amplified
  8 Program selector buttons, stereo speakers, and external speakers
or headphones jack on front side.
 Measuring 4 cm thick, 15.5cm long/wide, and 7.5 cm deep to be easily
carried in most shirt or suit jacket pockets.
 Each costing under $600.
 10 years of continueous use before 2 year half lif beta-voltaic photo-
luminescent solar battery needs replacement.
 Folding open length ways to reveal a full width height reduced
display 1080p screen and a bottom tactile custom display key keyboard
with 36 tactile display keys including 4 shift keys to make keyboard
compact fast typing each 1 cm x 1 cm wide on a raised area with a 50
pixel by 50 pixel display on each key, Plus touch pad on bottom right
side of the keyboard.

Proposal for tax payer subsidy.
 : $900,000,000 for development of next generation student pocket
media center software; openSuse based Linux Android Media Center
edition with Sony Playstation Portable 3d graphics console emulator.
 : $900,000,000 for development of next generation student pocket
media center hardware. {Nvidia tegra chipsets with 1 watt per
gigahertz performance} with a 12 year nuclear battery half life of 10
years continual student use and abuse. [For 2 x Nvidia Tegra chipset
for 4 {ARM} CPU and 2 Nvidia GPU student Pocket Multimedia Device.]
Also with remote control and amplified speakers.

Front panel top screen menu buttons.
For each option a left drop-down list to set the default option, and a
right button to activate that option.

Default menu [Utilities],-
 [Brassero      ][ Burn Disk     ]    [Bluetooth 3.0 ]
[ProximityPair ]  [          ][ Find File       ]
 [              ][ Update BIOS   ]    [           On ][Auto-OS-
update]  [          ][ HardwareConfig  ]
 [ Android      ][SoftwareDistrib]    [Enter Password][Wire/less
LAN ]  [ Ozwel    ][ Users Name      ]

Edit menu,-
  [KOffice      ][OfficeTextSpread]   [SeaMonkey     ]
[HTML          ]  [Karbon14   ][VectorGraphics  ]
  [Java         ][Development     ]   [              ]
[Video         ]  [           ][MusicSequencer  ]
  [Audacity     ][Sound editor    ]   [Gimp          ][2D Image
edit ]  [           ][Presentation      ]

  [Foxtel        ][Television    ]    [ 5AA          ][DAB
+RadioChanl]    [OpenSuse      ][SoftwareCast  ]
  [NewsCorp      ][NewsTextCast  ]    [Parliament    ]
[RadioPodcast  ]    [E-Trade       ][ShareMarktData]
  [2009WedJuly06 ][Date          ]    [ 10:49 PM     ]
[ Time         ]    [Sony          ][GameCast      ]

   [bigpond.com      ][CheckServer   ]    [ From:  22 ]
[InboxUnread  ]    [1000files or mb][ Trash Limit  ]
   [To: Al           ][New edit      ]    [       Al  ]
[SearchInbox  ]    [To: Al         ][Last Sent     ]
   [l...@bigpond.com ][E-mailAddress ]    [Politicians]
[MailingList  ]    [               ][SpamFilter    ]

Phone,-                               Police/Amb/Fire/Taxi
   [             ][Directory     ]    [ Taxi         ]
[LocatorBeakon]     [              ][Recog.ToSpeech  ]
   [ Elizabeth   ][VideoPhone    ]    [              ]
[PhotoFrame    ]    [Dr. OMore     ][TeleHealthDirect]
   [ Friends     ][OpenChannel   ]    [              ]
[Navigator     ]    [FlindersUni   ][LiveE-Lectures  ]

   [You-tube     ][VideoLibrary  ]    [MySpace       ]
[Socializing   ]    [Google        ][Search        ]
   [Wikipedia    ][Encyclopedia  ]    [Nextag        ]
[ShopComparison]    [AustTaxOffice ][Tax           ]
   [Centrelink   ][ServicesAccess]    [              ]
[Weather       ]    [S.A. Hansard  ][Legislation   ]

File transfer,-
   [Gftp         ][File Transfer ]    [K-Torrent     ][File
sharing  ]    [To SDXC1      ][BackupDocs    ]
   [DigitalPlanet][NetPodcast    ]    [SACE Year 12  ]
[DownloadLesson]    [download.com  ][DownloadServer]
   [ Android 1.5 ][SoftwareUpdate]    [OV Guide      ]
[DownloadVideo ]    [grrlradio.om  ][InternetRadio ]

   [RealPlayer   ][PlayMovie     ]    [RealPlayer    ]
[PlayAudio     ]    [ UFO's        ][E-Book(Reader)]
   [             ][GPS-Navigator ]    [E*Trade       ]
[SharesEnvironm]    [              ][MIDI/Karaoke  ]
   [             ][NewsEnvironmen]    [              ][PDF
(Reader)  ]    [              ][CartoonPlayer ]

   [             ][FlightSim     ]    [SecondLife    ]
[Socializing   ]    [ Google Earth ][Satellite3DMap]
   [             ][Shooter       ]    [SimCity       ]
[CityPlanning  ]    [FlashPlayer   ][3D-Testing    ]
   [             ][AtomicChemist ]    [              ]
[DrivingSim    ]    [ArtOfIllusion ][3D Modelling  ]


Real world part alternative examples;
the Nokia 9500  form factor.

the Samsung Alias 2  with tactile custom key e-ink keyboard.

Vector graphics model design at   http://www.***.com/ 


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