- Feature Requests -

by B-ry » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 02:44:07 GMT

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 Request 1: I made this request to HTC but they said to try here as
well. My Iphone TomTom gps used to fade back to itunes when it was not
activly speaking. I use the bluetooth on my mazda 3 for music and
routing instead of owning an exspensive NAV system. Please enable the
Sprint Nav to do so. This would be the ONLY thing I miss from the
iPhone at this time.

Request 2.  The headphones hiss when a song fades out. Is this a HTC
hardware issue or something that can be addressed with a firmware
patch? Please fix this if possible. I hear I can get headphones that
come out of the bottom port but the hero touted the 3.5 jack and I
should not have to do so.

Many thanks to Sprint, HTC, and Google for helping me dump my bloated
ATT plan!


- Feature Requests -

by Disconnect » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 02:57:08 GMT

 None of these can be fixed by application developers using the SDK.
For 1, you need to ask sprint (its "Sprint Nav" right? So they wrote
it..) and for 2, you need to ask on -platform or ask HTC directly.


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