OFF TOPIC Update UK G1 not showing paid apps

by Justin Allen Jaynes » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 06:14:01 GMT

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1. Multiple Eclipse projects no longer get included

Here's my setup.  I have 1 project that has all the resources my
application needs.  This project has the android builder which
produces the apk.  This project references a few other projects that
don't have resources.  After updating my android SDK today, the apk
that is produced no longer includes the source files from my other

When I try to run my app, it is looking for a utils.apk (utils is the
name of 1 of my included projects).

Here's the log:

[2010-07-27 11:42:00 - mln] Performing activity launch
[2010-07-27 11:42:00 - mln] Automatic Target Mode: Unable to detect
device compatibility. Please select a target device.
[2010-07-27 11:42:01 - mln] Uploading mln.apk onto device
[2010-07-27 11:42:02 - mln] Installing mln.apk...
[2010-07-27 11:42:06 - mln] Success!
[2010-07-27 11:42:06 - utils] Could not find utils.apk!
[2010-07-27 11:42:06 - mln] Starting activity on device
[2010-07-27 11:42:07 - mln] ActivityManager: Starting: Intent
{ act=android.intent.action.MAIN
cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] }

Anyone know how to fix?


2. Unable to deploy apps to AVD using Eclipse

Hi all,

I am new to Android development and have a very long experience in Java
technology development. When trying to develop for Android, using Eclipse
and Android SDK, I have had a problems with deploying the apps, or
simulating them, using the AVD. The problem is when I run the application,
through Eclipse, the AVD device booted normally but my applications don't
get deploy.

I have tried to solve it by changing almost everything in the run
configuration and the Android preference. I even deleted the Android SDK and
installed it again but with no use.

My environment setup is:
- Windows 7
- Eclipse Helios
- Android sdk r06
- Android plugin for Eclipse 0.9.7.v201

Now I have tried the same setup on Ubuntu 10.04 and it is working fine.

Anyone had a similar problem?


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