Questions on opencore in Android

by Anil Sasidharan » Sun, 10 May 2009 14:54:14 GMT

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   After having gone through the discussions on "OPENCORE" in Android, the
idea one would have is "opencore 2.x is supported only in master and all the
other branches/tags are based out of opencore 1.x". My local repo is
initailized using "repo init -u git:// -b android-sdk-1.5_r1", I do
see the OPENCORE git is checked out with respect to "android-sdk-1.5_r1"
tag. As I'm in the process of porting the source code corresponds to
"android-sdk-1.5_r1  TAG", I would like get some answers for the following

   1. Assume I have some third party OMX plugins that have been ported for "
   opencore" sources release as part of "android-1.1"  version, what would
   be best appraoch while migrating to "android-sdk-1.5_r1", should I move to
   opencore-1.x or stay with opencore-2.x ?
   2. How exactly do you differentiate between opencore-1.x and opencore-2.x
   in terms of features (for example video encoding/recording capability) ?
   3. Would it be a good idea to manually checkout "master" in opencore in
   the "android-sdk-1.5_r1" repo ? Will this break the build or loose some
   features ?
   4. Is there any documentation that gives a better view of related points
   ? If any, please let me know.
   5. Is there any specific reason to stick to opencore-1.x in
   "android-sdk-1.5_r1 tag" though the master has been migrated to opencore-2.x

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