Any interest in accessing our app via intents?

by Sean Hodges » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:27:08 GMT

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 Hey Al,

The service looks very cool. I guess the problem that I have is
figuring out a real world use for it...

Obviously I wouldn't expect you to do my thinking for me :) But what
would be REALLY useful is if you could post up a few fictitious (or
even real life) use cases, perhaps on the site, to showcase the
potential of the platform (similar to the ones in here: The format doesn't really
matter, but example scenarios are what really get people excited about
this kind of technology... Personally, I've found example use cases
very useful when determining where a technology might be of use to me.
Just an idea anyway.

With regard to the intents survey: I always prefer if intents are
provided, if for no other reason than they help make the intent
framework more powerful. At present I personally have no immediate
requirement for an intent API though.



Any interest in accessing our app via intents?

by Al Sutton » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:49:18 GMT

 Hi Sean,

Thanks for the tips, I expect some example use cases will bubble up as
developers think "Hey, I could do ... with that" :)

A couple that I thought of were;

- Bill splitters: One person pays the bill then the splitter app gets
PortaPayments to generate a QR code so the others can scan it and pay
their share to the bill payer via PayPal.

- Expenses / Finance apps: Once a code has been scanned they could ask
the user if they'd like the payment registered in an account.

I'll keep cranking my brain, but if I'll all ears if anyone has any
suggestions for what could be done to make PortaPayments more useful
to their app :)


> >

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