Graphics output to TV-out

by Yana » Thu, 14 Oct 2010 01:35:41 GMT

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 I have device named "Smart Pad" (manufactured in China) running under
Android 1.5. This gadget has TV-out. "VideoPlayer" application
installed on this device can show video via TV-out. I need to write
the application for drawing the graphics via TV-out on my head-mounted
display (I have Eyetop Centra). How can I select appropriate video
device in my program?


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Certificates[] signingCertificates =

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this method might return null (to converse space?), but only for
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I have tried from the emulator, and from an application deployed on my
phone using adb through a USB cable. I'm using the latest SDK (2.2)
and targetting android 1.6.

So I guess I have two questions, the first being: why does
getProtectionDomain return null, and have anyone had any success using
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Kind regards
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