Fwd: Bionic Changes for android on solaris ?

by Nimit Manglick » Thu, 20 Aug 2009 13:12:17 GMT

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 Can anyone please give me some pointers on it....?

David Turner,

Please give me some pointers on this analysis.....

Thanks & Regards

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Subject: Bionic Changes for android on solaris ?
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Hi Friends,

I am trying to do a study on replacing the OS beneath android from linux to
solaris, so i identified few areas where I need to do a lot of work, the
most important of all is Bionic libc.

I read through one of the mails where Digit has specified about *huge*
changes to the bionic libc, so I am digging into the libc right now to
identify the changes required in libc, I found that I need to replace the
existing linux headers with corresponding solaris headers, but that exercise
is getting more and more cumborsome as I am going into more details... so
first I have few questions regarding that :-

1. How linux headers are organised in libc ??
2. How the linux headers available in bionic/libc/kernel (these headers we
can upgrade also using some python scripts) are different from
bionic/libc/include ??

3. How to identify those linux headers which are getting used by libc
implementation (like which have system calls related stuff) and those linux
headers which are getting used by userland and generated by python scripts

4. What is the right approach to proceed further ??

Please help me with some pointers.

Thanks & Regards



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