TextView marquee scroll behavior different in AVD 1.6r1

by greg » Sat, 19 Sep 2009 12:09:29 GMT

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 My application has a list of species names, some of which are too long
to fit in the TextView.  For example, "Black-bellied Whistling-duck"
gets truncated at "-duck".  Using AVD 1.5r3, the TextView's marquee
scroll does a nifty shift of the text to display the last five
characters (i.e., "-duck").  However, using AVD 1.6r1, the TextView's
marquee scroll shifts the text to display those last five characters
and then about a dozen spaces and then the beginning of the species
name again, as if the TextView text were "Black-bellied Whistling-
duck              Black-bellied Whistling".

Is this new behavior of the TextView's marquee scroll intentional?

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