Native code is being called successfully but not executed properly

by pink 444 » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 12:37:42 GMT

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 hai folks,

            In Android , Native code is written as follows.

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_android_Test_show(JNIEnv *env, jobject
      printf("THIS IS TEST");

JNIEXPORT jint JNI_OnLoad(JavaVM *vm, void *reserved)
        JNIEnv *env;
        JNINativeMethod meth;
        jclass k;
        jint r;

        r = (*vm)->GetEnv (vm, (void **) &env, JNI_VERSION_1_4);
        k = (*env)->FindClass (env, "");
 = "show";
        meth.signature = "()V";
        meth.fnPtr =;
        r = (*env)->RegisterNatives (env, k, &meth, 1);
        return JNI_VERSION_1_4;


JNIEXPORT void JNI_OnUnload(JavaVM *vm, void *reserved)
        JNIEnv *env;
        jclass k;
        jint r;
        r = (*vm)->GetEnv (vm, (void **) &env, JNI_VERSION_1_4);
        k = (*env)->FindClass (env, "");
        (*env)->UnregisterNatives(env, k);


While executing on Android the following messages are obeserved in adb

JNI     (  524): Trying to load jni .so
I/System.out(  524): /system/lib
D/dalvikvm(  524): Trying to load lib /data/ 0x433f22d0
D/dalvikvm(  524): Added shared lib /data/ 0x433f22d0
I/ActivityManager(   50): Displayed activity

But "THIS IS TEST" is not being displayed, which is displayed in
native code.

There are no errors regarding loading shared library and calling
native code.Then why is the message is not displayed in logging.

Am i doing any mistake.If JNI_OnLoad and JNI_OnUnLoad are not
implemented i am getting errors in Logging.If i do as above i not
getting that native code message.

Any help would be appreciated highly.


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