Issue with playing audio or video from Remote URL (RTSP/HTTP)

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 05 Nov 2009 00:31:56 GMT

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At least for HTTP streaming of MP4 content, you need to have your 'moov'
atom before your 'mdat' atom. This may happen automatically when you
create your MP4 files, or you may need to lightly twiddle them (e.g.,
MP4Box -hint on Linux).

vidtry handles HTTP streaming: 

I wrote that in part as a proof of concept for an app I wrote for a
consulting customer. They have a large library of MP4 files which they
needed to touch up for the issue listed above, and playback basically
did not work in the emulator, but it works fine on devices. The vidtry
sample does more than just play back video, and it uses MediaPlayer
rather than VideoView, but hopefully it will help.

You may be interested in viewing the following presentation from the
2009 Google I/O conference: 

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Android Development Wiki: 


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