Samdroid Turbo for Samsung Spica

by As'ad Arafat » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 04:34:04 GMT

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 *New optimized kernel and libs by antibyte*
Samdroid Turbo

This release adds a set of optimized libraries and DVM, that
has to be installed with the recovery menu ( apply any zip )
A JIT enabled version will come later.

Changelog :


   - * Rebalanced reniceing of some processes*
   - * Set default powersave governor to "ondemand"*
   - * Applied the VOIP and volume patches*
   - * Added a first set of optimized Android libraries, more to come later.
   - * Added a slightly faster Dalvik Virtual Machine*

*Please dont use Linpack to judge this, its senseless.
Just do some normal tasks and maybe play "Raging Thunder" if you played it
before, to see if its faster
Please install both parts (PDA via Odin and ZIP via recovery) to enjoy the
full perfomance madness.
Please note that the package will clear the dalvik cache,
so the first boot will take longer. None of your apps or data will be

Just if installing this should trigger a nearby factory to explode :
You try this at your own risk, this is


stuff, and it is even partly untested.

Kernel : 

TurboLibs : 

Remove TurboLibs:

Not done yet. A package to remove TurboLibs will be at this placeholder
later. *


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