Android 1.6, RTP live supported?

by Yadnesh Phadke » Mon, 26 Jul 2010 19:51:35 GMT

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 Hi All,

For quiet some time now I am trying to stream over RTP files on my machine
to my Android device.  I am using FFMpeg to do the task of reading media
files and do the RTP packetization.  I am using the FFServer to work as RTSP
server for my stream.

The stream Video is in H.264 format and Audio is in AAC format.  See below
the SDP that is returned by FFServer.    H.264 and AAC are Android supported
media formats.  But I am getting error (see below) when trying to play the
RTSP stream using application developed using MediaPlayer class.

Is streaming of video and audio in separate streams packetized using RTP
format supported in Android 1.6?  If RTP live is supported by MediaPlayer,
Can anyone please give tips about which encoder variation does Android 1.6
expects to have been used?  Within H.246/AAC there are many variations,
probably Android does not like the encoder that I am using :)

I have already gone through a relevant post Playing live stream (RTP) in

Android 1.6, RTP live supported?

by Yadnesh » Mon, 26 Jul 2010 20:53:12 GMT

  came across a topic "RTP stream video decoding" (http://
f963e8f7ac35b75b/481c181362eaa66c?show_docid=481c181362eaa66c#) on
this forum.

Here I see a post stating:
Essentially it seems that at this stage the only way to get an RTP
stream to work is a couple of hacks

Using this information, may I conclude that playing RTP live stream
over RTSP is not supported by default?

But Again a Google search tells me that many users are playing live
stream from Wowza media server. Also there are notes suggesting that
users are watching RTP live streams on their Android G1.

Could anyone please clarify?


On Jul 26, 4:51pm, Yadnesh Phadke <> wrote:


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