How To Use A Basic Brush

by saflover » Thu, 02 Sep 2010 01:58:50 GMT

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 In this basic brush tutorial we will learn how to use this brush

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1. priv gone from struct net_device after 2.6.27; plans for wlan module?

  I'm assuming based on usage elsewhere that the arg for
alloc_etherdev is the amount
of private data wanted. So I want space for a pointer there if I am
faking netdev->priv by
keeping a (real_private_data *)  there. I'm assuming netdevs are
dynamically allocated and
not assuming there is any space tagged on for private_data unless it
is requested.

  I'm not sure of any of this, having only stumbled into it this
morning trying to get wlan.ko working with 2.6.29.
I did look thru the linux versions and found that netdev->priv did go
away after 2.6.27.
HAVE_NETDEV_PRIV is #defined in netdevice.h, so I thought I would use
it to demarcate my changes, It does
look like netdev_priv() went in quite a while ago, and they finally
killed netdev->priv with 2.6.28. So the ifdefs
would only help with a really ancient kernel, and everything else
would be broken there. Basically for decoration.

  Probably not, but it doesn't hurt anything. I wasn't proposing final
code. Netdev_priv() returns
void *, so might as well cast it, especially if I am using it as a **.
But I haven't written much code
in years; I could be way off. Compiled, anyway. I guess I would rather
comment by casting than
trust implicit conversions and then maybe comment about them.

  Unless (pure speculation) the private data is somehow tangled up
with the proprietary
binary htc modules. That could be a problem.

  So should I just wait and do a repo sync every now and then and
watch for changes?
I can get in and finish the edits for either case, having the private
data at the end of the
struct netdev, or just having a pointer to it there. In the former
case, someone who knows what this private
data is and who else is using it should probably take care of
initialising it.

  Just let me know if I should proceed at all, or just wait. It would
be fun to get 2.6.29 fully working on my phone,
not that I need it or anything.


2. I can't figure out how to link one projects files to another with eclipse. Please Help!

I transferred my development from Windows to Mac.  I have the latest
version of Eclipse, and the 1.5 r2 SDK.  I have successfully ran a
sample Hello world app to make sure it all fits together properly.

I then imported my library projects (called MyLib) that holds many
reusable classes of mine.  I also imported some projects that depend
on the MyLib package.

When I open my projects, Eclipse asks me if I want to open dependent
projects as well, and I select yes.  The MyLib project folder opens up
as it should, and I see the folder in my project as well with the
small link arrow on it.

When I look in my project properties -> project references, the MyLib
folder is checked.

When I run my project, it outputs in the de{*filter*} (LogCat):

(in yellow)
dalvikvm failed resolving 'Lcom/mycompany/myapp/Splash; interface 22

dalvikvm Link of class 'Lcom/mycompany/myapp/Splash;' failed

(where MyClass.MyClassCallback is a required interface to one of my
library classes)

(some other stuff...)

(in red)
java.lang.RunTimeException:unable to instantiate activity
in loader dalvik...

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?  Did I fail to link my library

I've changed many build path properties back and forth trying to get
it to work, but nothing seems to make a difference.

Please help!


3. priv gone from struct net_device after 2.6.27; plans for wlan module?

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