How to lighten LED in key driver, when user press any KEY.

by Dianne Hackborn » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 03:01:56 GMT

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 The driver doesn't do this, it is done by the high-level PowerManager Java

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1. Multiple concurrent versions of same app, filtered by minSdkVersion?

Hi there,

I have an app on Android Market right now with a minSdkVersion
corresponding to Android 1.6. I'd like to make an update that is only
visible to users of Android 2.2 and higher (there is a good reason for
this, which I will explain below). So I have two questions:

- First, if I publish an update with a higher minSdkVersion than the
one it replaces, will existing users still be able to see and download
the old version if their device is not >= that minSdkVersion?

- Secondly, if so, would it be possible to publish updates to that
older version branch? Or would it become a fossil relic, but at least
always there for downlevel users?

Now for the background. My apps use a large amount of resource files--
about 15MB for the Lite version, and about 55 for the Full version.
Prior to Android 2.2, it was not possible to install an app on the SD
card, so my solution to this was to have the app contain the bare
essentials, and simply download the other resources from my web
servers at first-run. However, this means that I must maintain
external infrastructure, and it's also a bad experience for users who
must download the app, then start another download sequence (I already
have had several complaints about this in my user comments).

What I would like to do is to keep the app as it is for users with
Android OS < 2.2. I'd like to publish an update that is only visible
to users with Android OS >= 2.2 which packages everything into the app
and allows it to be stored on the SD card. And I'd like to be able to
perform maintenance on both versions as needed.

Why can't I just do the update as described above to a single branch
of the app? Because it would mean that users with Android OS < 2.2
would have to download a massive application to their internal memory,
which could be a deal-breaker for devices with only 128MB or 256MB,
which is shared with the OS. Since I already have paying customers, I
don't think I can ethically create an update that would potentially
consume most of a user's internal memory, when the version they
purchased was only a couple MB.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and replies.



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as subject gimana caranya ? device sudah root , apa cukup install aplikasi
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