Confused over activities and creating new tasks

by Connick » Wed, 01 Sep 2010 06:03:02 GMT

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 Hi folks,

I'm launching a wizard as a series of views. (dialog theme) I need the user
to be able to step back and forth through the series of views. When the
final step is completed I'd like to return the to the original view that
launched this new task. (i.e. close the series of dialogs) The only way I've
gotten this to work is to call finish() on each dialog before starting the
activity of the next step. (that rules out being able to navigate back)

I've tried launching the initial intent with Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK
as well as setting a taskAffinity for the views involved to no avail.

Any insight appreciated,


Confused over activities and creating new tasks

by Mark Murphy » Wed, 01 Sep 2010 06:07:39 GMT

 I'd implement a wizard using ViewFlipper in a single activity,
personally. Creating a reusable wizard component is yet another of the
18,000 items on my to-do list...


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