How to perform a HTTP request ?

by binklee » Sun, 15 Mar 2009 06:47:14 GMT

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I'm trying to perform a HTTP request and to read the answer.

My first idea was to import*; and to use :

URL url = new URL(myUrl);
String answer = (String)url.getContent(); // !!!  produce an error in
Android !

After some research in the group, I am confused on what should I do.
Should I use :

org.apache.http                                         or
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient         // <--- is it
officially supported by android?

and how to implement it?

Thank you for your help.

How to perform a HTTP request ?

by Mark Murphy » Sun, 15 Mar 2009 08:11:55 GMT


Try this: 

Also, make sure you have the INTERNET permission declared in your
AndroidManifest.xml file.

Android currently incorporates org.apache.http.*. Previously, it used an
earlier version of the Apache code which was in the
org.apache.commons.httpclient.* namespace.

Examples of using org.apache.http.* can be found at: 

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy) 
Warescription: Three Android Books, Plus Updates, $35/Year


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