Mundu on android

by Rachmat Gerhantara » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 20:45:55 GMT

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 2009/10/23 Lucky Sebastian <>

iya, si mundu ini asyik banget.
tampilannya okay banget.
lagi nimbang2 pengen beli. :)

sayang ngga terintegrasi ama FB ya.
maklum ngga semua temen ol di YM atau Gtalk. :p

Rachmat Gerhantara
HTC Magic di port pake Rom Cyanogen... :D

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1. GTalk (XMPP) service, ADC, android market and wasted months


we had developed an application (BabelFish) and had entered the ADC 1.
we were very hopeful, got very positive responses from friends and
forum users.

in short BabelFish is a translated voice and text IM (Instant
Messaging) service. it enables translated conversations among two or
more parties. each partner writes messages in his own language and his/
her message is instantly translated and delivered other partners in
their languages. optionally delivered messages are synthesized into
speech and played at destination handsets.

but unfortunately we got nothing in the contest. we weren't even in
the first 50% in neither of the judging criteria. it was really hard
to believe...

it was a contest, we somehow accepted the situation and put BabelFish
to shelf for later opportunities. now Android market is open, we
decided to put BabelFish there and guess what !? google had removed
GTalk (XMPP) service from api, which BabelFish mainly depends on.
remember the documentation at early releases, it was stated that XMPP
is the preferred way of device to device communication. now it's gone,
untill an unknown date, and we are left with WASTED months of work..
even if in the future GTalk service is put into api again, we lost the
advantage of being one of the first comers in the market..

looking from this perspective, i had reviewed all finalist and winner
applications. it's hard to say from descriptions but seems as none of
them are/were using GTalk service.

now i really WONDER if using GTalk service was a hidden judging
criteria. i assume at the time of ADC round 1 google had plans to
remove GTalk service from api and cannot afford giving prize to an
application which wont work on the actual device ! are there any
finalist appllications using GTalk service ?

if we had any clue, we would develop some other application or maybe
wouldn't develop any. it is really wasted months of work. google
should mention this earlier..

more about BabelFish and a short discussion about ADC judgement can be
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