Leaking Service ... vs. stopped service. middle ground??

by Hunter Peress » Fri, 12 Mar 2010 01:34:29 GMT

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 If I don't unbind a service of mine in onPause,then a back button
press will cause a leaking service. if i do unbind the service in
onPause, then the service doesnt leak but it stops. So how can I
unbind (to prevent leaking onBackButtonPress) yet still allow the
service to run  (my service is startForegrounded...so I suspect a 2nd
service is being created)


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1. ListView not receiving trackball focus if setContentView called asynchronously

I have an Activity which has a ListView as its content View. I need to
call Activity.setContentView after a short asynchronous delay from
when Activity.onCreate is called (because there is a delay loading a
network resource needed to fully construct the ListView's
ArrayAdapter). In this case, it seems that the ListView won't enter
trackball mode or receive focus, unless I first touch the screen.

I have tried to distill this to a minimal example pasted below. There
is a comment at the top of the class explaining how the two variables
control the examples behavior.

Any ideas on how I can re-enable trackball mode, without requiring the
user to first touch the screen?

package foobar.androidtest;

import android.app.*;
import android.os.*;
import android.widget.*;

// With the settings SYNCHRONOUS=false and SLEEP=3000, then
// when the ListView is displayed, the first item won't be
// highlighted, and the trackball doesn't work.
// However, if you either change SYNCHRONOUS=true or SLEEP=0
// then when the ListView is displayed, the first item is
// highlighted, and the trackball works just fine.
public class AndroidTest extends Activity {
    private static final boolean SYNCHRONOUS = false;
    private static final int SLEEP = 3000;

    public void onCreate(Bundle bundle) {
        if(SYNCHRONOUS) {
        else {
            final Handler mainThreadHandler = new Handler();
            Runnable backgroundThreadRunnable = new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
                    Runnable mainThreadRunnable = new Runnable() {
                        public void run() {
            Thread backgroundThread = new Thread

    private void doSetContentView() {
        String[] strings = new String[] {
            "SLEEP: " + SLEEP,
            "third item",
            "fourth item",
        ArrayAdapter<String> arrayAdapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(
            this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, strings);
        ListView listView = new ListView(this);

    private void optionalSleep() {
        if(SLEEP > 0) {
            try {
            catch(InterruptedException interruptedException) {
                throw new RuntimeException(interruptedException);


2. GPS reading jumps a thousand miles or more

my android app that is a location listener gets fairly good data but
once in a while the location jumps by a thousand miles or more and
stays there for numerous updates with no corresponding major increase
in the (in)accuracy reading.

for example you can see that at 3:07 and 3:09  and 3:10 i was in
portland oregon with less than 1024 meters of accuracy. at 3:48 i get
consistent readings in the pacific ocean, with a supposed accuracy of
less than 1024 meters in the first two readings.

donpG1  2008-12-17 03:57:59 UTC         53.5545998811722        
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:55:58 UTC         53.5575771331787        
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:53:58 UTC         53.5582852363586        -135.15274643898
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:51:59 UTC         53.5593849420547        -135.15048801899
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:49:58 UTC         53.5648941993713        
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:48:49 UTC         53.5753923654556        
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:10:36 UTC         45.5137449502945        
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:09:02 UTC         45.5137234926224        
donpG1  2008-12-17 03:07:01 UTC         45.5135464668274        

whats odd is that the location is not a random reading but consistent
readings in the same wildly inaccurate place. its almost like the G1
starts playing a debugging kml file buried deep in the the GPS code.


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