Power Consumption by Android Phone

by Umar » Thu, 08 Jul 2010 02:35:58 GMT

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 I have a dated T-Mobile Dash that runs Windows Mobile 6.x. For
example, if I run the camera application and use the browser for a few
minutes, the battery power consumption is significantly higher
(understandably) than when these applications are turned off.

Idle (non-active) mobile apps, by default, drain the battery unless
the user manually invokes the Task Manager and kills these non-active
apps after initial usage.

I haven't examined Android phones closely but the thought that
occurred to me was the following.

Why don't we include an option in the device profile where a mobile
application would either terminate or be in a state where there is
fractional battery power consumption so that a large majority of the
existing battery power could be leveraged by the "active" mobile apps
that ultimately serve to enhance the mobile user experience.




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