Recycling of _ID field in SMS Table

by shahzad ahmad » Wed, 25 Nov 2009 08:49:15 GMT

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   I've just found out that _ID field is not always unique in SMS table and
gets repeated after some days. Is it normal or some bug ? Can someone tell
what is threshold before _ID field is repeated. Actually i have implementing
a logic thinking that _ID field is always unique in all records i.e SMS,
Call logs, Contacts etc but now discovered that it is not guaranteed to be
always unique in SMS messages. I didn't check for contacts , call logs etc
but it is true for SMS messages.

Suppose a SMS messages had _ID field equal to 1. But after some days that
message is deleted so now 1 is not assigned to any message as id, will the
system assign that id to some new message whenever it wants to ?



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