IM app is not openining

by srinivas » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:43:01 GMT

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On cupcake builds we are unable to open IM app from main menu.
When we open the app, it gets closed immediately and adb logs show
following error.

01-07 03:28:15.939 E/ImApp ( 3147): [IM.FrontDoorPlugin] no plugins
found! bail...
01-07 03:28:16.139 E/IM ( 3147): Ignore bad IM frontdoor plugin:
ResolveInfo{43780a30 p=0 o=0
m=0x108000}. No providers found
01-07 03:28:16.139 E/IM ( 3147): [onCreate] load plugin failed, no
plugin found!

It is trying to load some thirdpartyplugins in packages/apps/IM/src/
com/android/im/app/ file.
Here it is getting plugins count zero and after that the app gets

Can any one suggest what can be wrong?
Do we need some thirdpartyplugins for this to work?
Any pointers will be very very helpful.

Thanks In advance,



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