uso de mapas

by FranCordoba » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 13:38:39 GMT

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 hola actualmente me encuentro desarrollando un proyecto en java en el
en una parte del mismo tengo que generar un mapa sobre unas
coordenadas determinadas por el usuario. el problema que me encuentro
es como desarrollarlo con el api de google y he pensado en utilizar
android. bien hay que tener en cuenta que mi aplicacin no va a
ejecutarse en un entorno mvil sino en un servidor por lo que
simplemente quiero utilizar las clases sin necesidad de mostrar el
mapa y una vez que obtenga el mapa, exportarlo a formato jpg, gif o
cualquier otro. alguien podra ayudarme en alguno de los temas??

Un saludo


uso de mapas

by Ludwig » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 17:06:37 GMT

 I hope I understood your question: but essentially you are asking how to use
the Maps API for a service that will export the maps in jpg etc.
I think you will need to reread the terms and conditions of your usage of
the service, amongst them it states:

Your use of this Content is limited to displaying it to end users within the
Service itself, and in the same manner, form, format, and appearance as it
is provided by the Service. You may not, nor may you allow others to, copy,
distribute, display, alter, or otherwise use the Content except as it is
provided to you through the Service.

So, while doing what you are planning to do is certainly possible, it is not
allowed by Google and so you can safely assume that there is no API to do
that. Google make (or intend to make) money from their online service, not
from users stashing away their data.

If you are looking at maps that are available under an open license have a
look at Many countries are now very-well mapped, some
better than what Google has, you have access not only to the maps, but the
underlying data. And you stay legit.


2008/11/2 FranCordoba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


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uso de mapas

by Ludwig » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 17:33:41 GMT

 lways best to reply to the group - you might get more help that way (and if
you would try to translate it into English, even if just using Google).
I think it will be difficult to extract just some of the map functionality
from Android for any other project. The maps stuff is tightly bound to
MapActivity, which is tightly bound to the Android UI, filesystem, threads
etc... certainly more trouble than it is worth.

Better have a look at<>
The javascript API is probably closer to what you need, but anything that is
not an online service is likely to be a violation of the terms.


2008/11/3 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


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