Someone advertising pirated apps by posting "feedback" on market and pointing to his Twitter account

by Mike » Mon, 12 Oct 2009 23:09:53 GMT

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 This guy has been regularly posting feedback on my game in the market
and pointing people to his Twitter account.  He claims that he will
send any app to them if they contact him and give him their email

I've already contacted Twitter about this and they disabled his
account this past Friday ( ).  I expressed
my concern to Twitter that I figured he'd just open up another account
and continue where he left off, which is exactly what he did.  He's
now using ) and has already reposted
"feedback" to my app in the market with this new account name.

I'm frustrated with the fact that there is no way for me to report
scumbags like this to Google so they can do something about it.  I
think the only thing Twitter will do is disable an account when I
bring up the fact that what one of their users is claiming to do is

The guy obviously has an Android phone and account since he's been
posting his "feedback" adverts on my app as well as others in the
market, so Google at least has a device id to go by.  With that + the
carrier (probably Tmobile) they should be able to track this guy
down.  Of course, that takes time and energy, but c'mon - this guy is
just begging to be caught.

Google - what should developers do when they notice someone like this
and have enough information to actually track them down?  The guy is
obviously not the brightest light bulb in the strand.


- Mike

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