Downgrading 2 app to 1.5

by MartinM » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 22:36:23 GMT

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 I've a (non-google maps) app that I want to install on a 1.5 phone.
However, it was originally built for 2 (can't remember if it was 2.0
or 2.1), and when I set the target as 1.5 I get some errors:

1. 'invalid resource directory name' - the directory exists and is
unchanged, the contents are listed in the Eclipse browser. Errors
shown on re/drawable-hdpi, re/drawable-ldpi and re/drawable-mdpi

2. 'R cannot be resolved'. This appears to be the fact that is
no longer present. I've fixed this by importing android.R (not sure
why it needed to be done again), but now

setContentView(R.layout.main); cannot be resolved.

I see that I still don't have an

A bit confused here :)


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Thanks all.


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