Fedora 10 & Emulator

by Pd » Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:09:53 GMT

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 When closing the emulator it completely kills the sound system.  The 
only thing that fixes this is a complete re-boot.  Anyone else see this 



Fedora 10 & Emulator

by David Turner » Mon, 16 Mar 2009 19:37:55 GMT

 This is most likely due to buggy EsounD daemon, try "killall -9 esd" then
restart it (with whatever script is used on Fedora)


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Fedora 10 & Emulator

by lbcoder » Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:34:24 GMT

 Fedora 10 does not use esd, it uses pulseaudio.
You can restart pulseaudio using "killall -9 pulseaudio; pulseaudio
&", though I suspect that the first command will be useless if
pulseaudio is already dead. Note: I have not experienced this problem
with the emulator on either F9 or F10, so there may be a configuration
issue with your sound system, or, you may have been lax in your
updates. I suggest that if you have not done so recently, that you
perform a full update, in particular, kernel, pulseaudio, alsa, and
any related components.


Fedora 10 & Emulator

by Pd » Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:55:38 GMT


or, you may have been lax in your
updates. I suggest that if you have not done so recently, that you
perform a full update


Me?  Never!   :-)

Thanks for your replies.   My system is always upto date so I cant say 
its that.  I think you are onto something about the sound system being 
buggy.  vlc seems to have problems but other sound software works fine. 
( there I go again clutching at straws! )

I see it as a process of elimination.  Can now eliminate the emulator 
from my enquiries  :-)


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