Can not read apk file on android emulator - SDK 1.1

by » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 02:05:56 GMT

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It seems my code cannot read an apk File I have created on the Android

- First off, I created an sdcard with command 'mksdcard ...'
- then I run this code:

------------- Begin Cut Here --------------->

File tmpdir = new File(tmpdirpath+name);

if (!tmpdir.exists())
  boolean b = tmpdir.mkdirs();
  if (!tmpdir.isDirectory())
   throw new RuntimeException("here : the tmp dir conflicts");
File apk = new File(tmpdirpath + name + "/" + name + ".apk");
if (!apk.exists())
// with name = name of my apk file.

------------- End Cut Here --------------->

- The apk file is successfully created on a temporary directory on /
but I have no permissions to read it:

- - - - r w - r w -

- I tryed to change them:
# adb shell
# chmod 777 myFile.apk

No error but permissions remain the same

- - - - r w - r w -

and I get the following exception:
        04-28 14:56:16.296: ERROR/dalvikvm(231): Can't open dex cache '/data/
        No such file or directory
        04-28 14:56:16.296: INFO/dalvikvm(231): Unable to open or create
        for /sdcard/.tmpdir/org.python.pycode._pyx0/
        04-28 14:56:16.306: WARN/System.err(231): unable
        to open DEX file
        04-28 14:56:16.326: WARN/System.err(231):     at
        dalvik.system.DexFile.openDexFile(Native Method)
        04-28 14:56:16.336: WARN/System.err(231):     at
        04-28 14:56:16.346: WARN/System.err(231):     at
        04-28 14:56:16.355: WARN/System.err(231):     at

Can somebody help please?


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