MediaPlayer and video problem

by Anton Okolelov » Sat, 02 Oct 2010 02:14:49 GMT

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 I try to play video, but all I get is sound and black screen. I don't
understand what's wrong with the code. That video is 3gp, it works on
my phone if I run it using standard phone player (without my program).
I tryed VideoView, but no result...

Please help!

here's code:

package danilka.appl;

import android.view.SurfaceHolder;
import android.view.SurfaceView;

public class Answer implements Runnable {
        actiff mainActivity;
        MediaPlayer mp;

        public Answer(actiff mainActivity) {
                this.mainActivity = mainActivity;

        public void showAnswer(int resid)
        mp = MediaPlayer.create(mainActivity, R.raw.test);
        SurfaceView v = new SurfaceView(mainActivity);
        SurfaceHolder sh = v.getHolder();
        v.postDelayed(this, 2000);

        public void run() {


MediaPlayer and video problem

by Doug » Sat, 02 Oct 2010 15:22:37 GMT


You might want to keep trying with VideoView, because if you can't get
that to work, then it probably won't work at all.  The source for
VideoView will help you understand what to do if VideoView isn't good



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MediaPlayer and video problem

by Indicator Veritatis » Sun, 03 Oct 2010 17:36:01 GMT

 One possible cause of what you describe is that the file has the right
codec for the sound, but not for the video. Verify what codec it has
for video and make sure that is supported on the phone. As describes , the video stream
may be either H.263 OR H.264. Which does your phone support?


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