playing local 3gp video file causes PVMFErrNotSupported

by Marco Nelissen » Wed, 22 Jul 2009 05:10:11 GMT

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 You should specify the full path to the file, not just its name.


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1. Application Crashing OutOfMemory .Restructuring Help Needed

Yo again,

A few clarifying comments to Yahel:

There is no way anyone is going to actually browse more than a few hundred item in a list. Ever !!
I guess it depends what the items are, but in my particular tree 95% of the lists are quite short and being sortabel should help a lot to get the particular PART of the list you are after.
Jim is right : Search & Pagination.
In my case, that was already there. A nice side effect is that it is now easy to get a list of other products in the same category.
If your users are dumb enough to asks the full list and you are actually going to do it, then implements a list like the android market and fetch a 100 items at a time.
Done done. (T-50 days)
I'm pretty sure if you use Flurry to check what your users are doing. You'll find only one or two users sliding below 200 items.
No need for Flurry&CO - it is trivial to see in the web service log.
And a user that asks you to get 30 000 items, is probably a competitor that just wants to steal your database through your webservice anyway :D
Nah, 30000 was just the extreme case. The data is freely available anyway and it is continously updated, so stealing it is hardly an issue. The point of my app is to make is easily accessible on the phone (well, along with using GPS and barcode scanning etc to make it even more powerful). Best / Jonas --

2. Audio Flickering - my code, my computer or android emulator?


Since my day 1 Ive been facing problems with Android AudioRecord API.
After a lot of research and a lot more trial and error Ive found my
way into the code and was able to write an asynctask for audio streams
recording which encapsules most of the audiorecord and asynctask
features as a lib, so the developers doesnt need to worry about
finding the best audio parameters, work on stop and release, etc.
So far, everything was right.
Yesterday I started trying to process the audio I got from the
microfone input and my code was reacting bad. I revisited it many
times and decided then to check the audio I was getting from the mic.
Created in instance of AudioTrack and tried to play it back. The sound
was horrible, with lots of chopping, lots of distortion and giving me
even the sensation of low samplerate playback (a single word spoken
sometimes lasted for seconds on the earphone).
To check if it was actually my code I went for the internet and found
the code above. Tried it and got the same results. The only thing that
comes to my mind actually is that, it doesnt matter what I do and the
configuration I try, I always get the buffer overflow message. Even if
I dont actually do anything but read from AudioRecord and write to
AudioTrack (example above, and not in debug mode). If the emulator can
t do it fast enought .... then Im completly lost here.

Based on the output of my algorithm I think the audio streams Im
reading are not right.

Have anyone faced this? does anyone know how to solve it? Could anyone
try the code (copy and paste) and check if its actually my computer
or my emulator?

package com.example.test;

import android.content.Context;
import android.os.Bundle;

public class test extends Activity {

    boolean isRecording; //currently not used
    AudioManager am;

   /** Called when the activity is first created. */
   public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
       am = (AudioManager) getSystemService(Context.AUDIO_SERVICE);
       Record record = new Record();;


      public class Record extends Thread
             // SoundPower sndPower = new SoundPower();

              static final int bufferSize = 200000;
              final short[] buffer = new short[bufferSize];
              short[] readBuffer = new short[bufferSize];

              public void run() {
                isRecording = true;

                int buffersize = AudioRecord.getMinBufferSize(8000,
                buffersize = 2048;

                               AudioRecord arec = new

                               AudioTrack atrack = new


                               byte[] buffer = new byte[buffersize];

                               while(isRecording) {
                             , 0,
                                       atrack.write(buffer, 0,

                               isRecording = false;

This code is not mine. Ive just cut and replaced some values (as the
SampleRate) so it would work.

My specs:

AndroidOS 2.1, last emulator and package (downloaded one week ago).
Dell Vostro 1000 (onboard soundcard), windows XP SP3.

Thank you very much,
Gabriel Simes


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