Log in debug only?

by Pamplemousse Mk2 » Thu, 30 Jul 2009 16:06:40 GMT

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I write a lot of logs in my program with the class android.util.Log.
Do the log methods (Log.v(), Log.d(), ...) are executed on the phone?
When my program will be finished, I won't like to see it try to output
logs in the release version.

I have seen that to make a conditional compilation (for Debug/Release
version), I can use a class like this:

public final class Debug {
          //set to false to allow compiler to identify and eliminate
          //unreachable code
          public static final boolean ON = false;

and use if to add debug codes:

if (Debug.ON) {
  // Do debug works...

If Debug.ON is false, the compiler removes the unreachable parts of
code, i.e. the ones inside this if. Should I do the same for Log
functions to be able to activate and deactivate them?


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