Question on NotificationManager, setLatestEventInfo() and custom view.

by Jiri » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 00:07:38 GMT

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I am creating a notification that displayes the progress of downloading 
files. Because I use a custom layout to be displyed in the expanded 
view. This custom view has a progressbar. I first make a call to the 
notification manager that will show the progress bar as being 
indeterminate and display a text "2 / 10" for instance.
Then when the downloading starts i only want to update the prgress bar.

     private void showNotification(String tickertxt, String displayTxt , 
  int total , int progress , Boolean indeterminate) {

         NotificationManager notifMgr = (NotificationManager) 

        PendingIntent contentIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(this, 0, 
new Intent(this, MainMenu.class), 0);

        // construct the Notification object.
        Notification notif = new Notification();

        notif.flags = Notification.FLAG_ONGOING_EVENT | 
        notif.tickerText = tickertxt;
        notif.icon = R.drawable.icon;

        RemoteViews nmView = new RemoteViews( getPackageName(), 
        nmView.setProgressBar(, total, progress, 
        nmView.setTextViewText(, displayTxt);

        notif.contentView = nmView;

        notif.contentIntent = contentIntent;

         notifMgr.notify(R.layout.custom_notification_layout,  notif);

So the first call i make when downloads are being prepared is:

showNotification("download..." , "n / n files" , 1 , 1 , false)

then when downloading starts:

showNotification("download..." , "n / n files" , class.getCurrent() , 
class.getTotal() , true)

What is bothering me is that I call the second call quit a lot and thus 
in the showNotification() a lot of objects are instantiated. In the docs 
it talks about  setLatestEventInfo() but this (afaik) cannot be applied 
when using a custom view.
Is this the way it is or is there a better technique.



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