(pre- & post-) processing raw audio data

by devi prasad » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 16:44:25 GMT

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 I want to develop an app that lets one intercept raw audio data sent for
playback (possibly by a different app), and apply audio enhancements
over this raw data.

Does Cupcake allow such filtering of audio data? If so, which API should I use?

I understand this may not be possible at an application level for security
reasons.  I'm trying to see if this is possible with native code
linking to public
or private API of Android.



(pre- & post-) processing raw audio data

by Dave Sparks » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 23:40:13 GMT

 No, this is not supported. If we ever do support it, it would require
a special permission that the user would have to grant, and it would
break for DRM content for obvious reasons.


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(pre- & post-) processing raw audio data

by devi prasad » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 08:50:28 GMT

 Hi Dave
thanks much for the information. What I'm actually looking for is a
bunch of functions equivalent to the WaveOut API of MS Windows. Are
there equivalents to  functions such as waveOutOpen, waveOutClose,
waveOutWrite, waveOutReset, etc?

thanks again


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