cupcake 1.5 r1 surfaceCreated is not called!!!

by ad » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 19:58:30 GMT

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 I've created game,
everything works fine on all previous android versions except current
cupcake 1.5.
It works even on cupcake pre release.I'm using exact the same
build.xml, sources and resources.
The problem is that surfaceCreated is not called :
                SurfaceHolder mSurfaceHolder = getHolder();

                waitForScreen(); - here I untill surfaceCreated change variable 
it's ready,but it's never called.
I just can explain that I'm running SurfaceView activity after
stopping regular View activity (for the game menu - it was easier to
create it).

 Please help me if you can figure out something. I'm just a developer
not a Android engine tester. If they are putting such stuff to the
market they should test it a little bit (not talking about discovered
VM crashes instead of exceptions).



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