by android » Tue, 20 Oct 2009 22:43:27 GMT

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 hello how do I make the icons display permanently without pressing
not add.menu

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1. Tanya : desire tmob froyo

Iseng email ke HTC soal ini :-)

Dapet jawaban...
Thank you for contacting us.
In regards to your Froyo query, the only way to get an upgrade for your HTC 
Desire is by contacting your network as it is them that provides it for you, if 
it is applicable (not all networks provide the 2.2 Froyo upgrade).
If you have any further queries, please dont hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for contacting HTC.

Emangnya bisa gitu ops ngasih opsi ada froyo atau engga? Kalo baca googling 
sih memang tergantung batch, ga semua tmob desire froyo.

Tapi ga tau batch brp nya :-)

Sent with full of Desire

"Indonesian Android Community [id-android]"

PING'S mobile
Email: sa...@pings-mobile.com  Ph. (021) 96087100
Yopie Ratjoen
Email: yo...@ratjoen.com  Ph. 08977726681
Gila original
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2. drawBitmap differences between 2.1 and 2.2

I am working on a drawing program that draws to a bitmap in memory
then i draw the relevant portion to the view canvas depending on pan
and zoom settings

So i have run into a snag where if the src rect is outside to bounds
of the canvas in 2.2 the area outside the bounds is not drawn but in
2.1 it stretched the available area of the bitmap to fit the target.

e.g. for src (-40,-40,10,10) -> tgt (0,0,50,50)
in 2.2 there is just the area (0,0,10,10) drawn in the bottom right
but int 2.1 the area is stretched so the area (0,0,10,10) is stretched
to (0,0,50,50)

is there a flag or something to turn off the stretching behaviour and
make it behave like the 2.2 version? or do i just have to do the
checks manually and modify the target are to fit what available in the

im hoping that makes sense to someone ...

rob m


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