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by xexna » Thu, 04 Feb 2010 05:49:59 GMT

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1. integration testing with content provider

I have an application which uses its own content provider in several
activities.  I've written a ProviderTestCase2 for my content provider
without much problem.  For this I extended RenamingDelegatingContext
to use a test database instance.

Now I want to write integration tests against my activities, but I
again want to use a test database instance for the provider - like I
did in my provider test.  I'm having problems here.  I don't see a way
to inject a mock context or MockContentResolver into activities
launched in ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2.  So, I've tried using
ActivityUnitTestCase, but this seems wrong since my test isn't a unit
test, and I want to be able to write tests that simulate user
interaction and make assertions about data in the test instance of my

1) Should I be using ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 as the base test
2) If not, what base test class would you recommend?
3) How have you gotten this to work for you?  Any examples?



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