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I meet a hot potato:I am doing a count-down device ,the time should be
shown in the list when newly-built the count-down and the time in the
list will ahange once every minute.But I can not realize it ,the data
storage I use is ContentProvider,I want to update the filed value
of the database every minute,but i failed,the count-down I make has
the service,after i exit the program and enter into it again,the count-
down list always is refreshing.I mean how to let the text in the list
change every minute,Please help me ,thanks.

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I am going some project on the sensors on Android.

I didn't understand coordination transform mechanism inside Android.

1. I know AXIS_X,AXIS_Y,AXIS_Z.  but can anyone tell me what exactly
the three axis (AXIS_MINUS_X, AXIS_MINUS_Y, AXIS_MINUS_Z) mean?

2. what do the rotation matrix and incline matrix mean in android?

3. can anyone tell me the inside theory fundamental and algorithm of
getRotationMatrix? It sounds reasonable to use magnetic field sensor
data and gravity data to get the orientation of the phone. but how to
implement it.

4. it is said that the compass can be calibrated by drawing 8's in air
in different directions. can anyone tell me or give me some references
of the theory base of this method? I didn't understand why this works.



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