cyclic "android.process.acore" failure (1.0r2 and 1.1r1)

by sreten » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:19:39 GMT

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I hope this is the correct area. I have been using the SDK for a while
now. For some reason
only projects I create cause the home screen to go into cyclic lockup
as the force close on
android.process.acore just shortly launches another one that fails.

I can delete userdata-qemu.img to get a running emulator back. I've
tried updating / replacing
everything. I can write a very simple project and that is fine. Copy
that and update it with say
more resource files and it then causes the above problem for no
apparent reaason.

It is hard to believe an appplication can inadvertantly cause such a
major problem. I'm a bit
like a headless chicken, I do not know where to start looking for the
cause in my code.

There is a repeated Android runtime error,
Uncaught handler  : thread application loader exiting due to uncaught
java.lang.ClassCast Exception: android .text.Spanned string
           more AndroidRuntime errors
final one at



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