How to stop playing music or sound of other application

by Kevin Duffey » Sat, 30 Jan 2010 02:46:14 GMT

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  understand what you are saying... although I am not sure how that applies
to whatever app you are working on. It is up to every developer to properly
stop threads, audio, etc whenever their app is put into pause mode, or shut
down. Period. If you are finding a game that continues to play music when
you take a phone call, write the developer and let them know for sure. They
didn't properly handle all aspects of their app being put on pause. Bad
design, not tested enough, or perhaps just not enough knowledge about all
the issues that need to be taken care of when something like that happens. I
am sure a developer would be happy to have feedback regarding that issue. I
know I would!

But, that said, I seriously doubt you can stop other audio. If a thread in
an app you don't control is playing music, that app would have to be
listening for some sort of intent/message that says "stop music" then act on
it. Seriously doubt any app is developed this way other than maybe specific
media/audio playing apps, even then I doubt they allow other apps to control
them with such capabilities.

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 10:05 AM, Robert Nekic <>wrote:

> > > >

How to stop playing music or sound of other application

by Kevin Duffey » Sun, 31 Jan 2010 01:43:08 GMT

 So Alam, are you building a voice dialing app.. where your app controls the
voice call.. you could record the audio of the chat, for example.. and
you're trying to silence other music from any other app playing? I mean,
you're talking about two apps.. one being a game (not yours) that a user
downloads and is playing.. and while playing, a call comes in. They hear the
game AND the caller on the other end. You want to know how to stop the game
music. I assume then that the 2nd app.. the one that handled the voice call
is YOUR app? Otherwise, I am guessing that you basically have a sort of
non-android programming question and are a normal user who has a game you
play that happens to keep playing music while a voice call comes in and you
want to know some way to stop the game music so your party on the other end
doesn't hear the music?


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