Wrong format from String.format()

by GPU » Mon, 06 Sep 2010 15:28:04 GMT

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 Hi ,
passing two int values m =0 & s = 11, to below function
String formatted = String.format("%1$02d:%2$02d", m, s);

returning the value like   .0:11 ,What could be the problem  ?

m=0, s=11   -->   .0:11
m=0, s=1    -->    .0:.1

The 0 added to format the string always coming as '.' (dot).

Can anyone know ,from where the number patterns are getting loaded in
Android ?

I gone thorough the code ,Its related the following file ,
\Resources.java ->localeData.numberPattern

How the pattern for particular locale is loaded ,what could be the
problem for the above problem?


Wrong format from String.format()

by greg » Tue, 07 Sep 2010 00:18:35 GMT

 Did you want the 1$ and 2$ inside the field width specifications?


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Wrong format from String.format()

by GPU » Tue, 07 Sep 2010 16:35:39 GMT

 String.format("%1$02d:%2$02d", m, s);
values ,m=0, s=11   -->   .0:11

expected result :   00:11
Actual result from android for Arabic Language :  .0:11

Analysis :
The android external\icu4c
for locale based number pattern  ,It just replacing the zeroDigit()
for padding values only ,the input values(m,n) remain same as US

for arabic decimalPatternChars are below
DecimalFormatSymbols- >localeData.decimalPatternChars:
from above pattern the zeroDigit is \0660 (Arabic 0 digit)
So the output comes as mixed of the arabic & US digits -> .0:11

Is it a bug in Android?!


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