porting android to smartphone.

by shleeforandroid » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 03:18:11 GMT

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 Hello guys.

I have some questions about porting android to smart phone(SPH-M4655).
SPH-M4655 is based on pxa300.
I think I can upload the bootload, kernel, file system to the
development board
by using JTAG , LAN , Serial cable.

But i didn't find the interface for JTAG , LAN , Serial on the smart

I have a data cable(usb based) Instead of this interface. And I
confirmed the COM port for this data cable to setting up the driver.
And I tried to connect this COM port by HyperTerminal and minicom.
But I didn't accept any response from remote device(smart phone).

How can I upload the bootloader or android kernel image to smart
phone ?
What can i use for this ?
And Where can I download the android kernel patches?

please help me ~
I appreciate for your help.


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