Remove some content out of WebView

by ajent » Tue, 15 Jun 2010 15:49:21 GMT

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 Is there a way to have webview pull up a page, and remove all of the
images and links in that page, leaving only text that was generated?



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1. emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name

I am new to developing for Android.  And I am going with the Hello
World Example (

Everything seems to be going fine, until I go to Run it to see the
results.  I get this error:

[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - HelloAndroid]------------------------------
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - HelloAndroid]Android Launch!
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - HelloAndroid]adb is running normally.
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - HelloAndroid]Performing
com.example.helloandroid.HelloAndoird activity launch
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - HelloAndroid]Automatic Target Mode: launching
new emulator with compatible AVD 'mytestavd2'
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - HelloAndroid]Launching a new emulator with
Virtual Device 'mytestavd2'
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - Emulator]emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual
device name: 'mytestavd2'
[2009-12-30 10:17:00 - Emulator]emulator: could not find virtual
device named 'mytestavd2'

I have tried creating AVDs using a different path, but to no avail.

when I go to list the AVDs (C>android list avds in command prompt), i
get this:

Available Android Virtual Devices:
    Name: mytestavd
    Path: C:\jasonprojects\android\testavd
  Target: Android 1.5 (API level 3)
    Skin: HVGA
    Name: mytestavd2
    Path: \\fn-archive\redirection$\jason.rider\.android\avd
  Target: Android 1.5 (API level 3)
    Skin: HVGA

I have tried setting an Environment Variable under System Variables:
ANDROID_SDK_HOME  ==> \\fn-archive\redirection$\jason.rider

(as the .android folder is located there)

but I cannot seem to get past this.

Any Help?


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