Creating a TabHost with Tabs containing Activities WITHOUT extending TabActivity

by mscwd01 » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 01:45:24 GMT

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 I need a way to create a TabHost which has an intent as the tabs
content, e.g:

TabHost tabs = (TabHost)findViewById(;
TabSpec spec1 = tabs.newTabSpec("TabOne");
spec1.setIndicator("Tab One", this.getResources().getDrawable
spec1.setContent(new Intent(this, MyTabClass.class));

Without extending TabActivity.

I am currently extending MapActivity, which I cannot change as it is
needed. Therefore, I currently get the following error at runtime,
when the tab is clicked:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Did you forget to call 'public void
setup(LocalActivityManager activityGroup)'?

Is there a way to call "setup(LocalActivityManager activityGroup)"
WITHOUT extending TabActivity?

Please say there is ;)



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