System application upgrade and system app versions?

by Peter Neubauer » Mon, 27 Apr 2009 19:41:47 GMT

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I am having a scenario where I want to upgrade a preinstalled
application (let's say version 1.0). AFAIK, the new version (1.1) will
be installed on /data and will shadow the one in the system image.

However, if a new system image upgrade woudl contain a newer version
again (2.0), would Android run the 1.1 from /data or the 2.0 from the
new system image?

Another question - is there a <uses-sdk
android:maxSdkVersion="integer" /> tag that lets me specify that I do
not want to run on newer versions of the SDK, in case these wil
introduce unwanted behaviour and incompatible changes?



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