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 Does anybody know where is this class defined in the source tree? -
Search turns up nothing. Is it not released in java source?

- Wen


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I have an Android Dev Phone 2 (HTC Magic), and I want to reflash
with Android 1.6 factory images, using the "recovery image method"
as described at: ,
"Flashing your Google I/O Device with a Factory System Image".

In the step for installing the radio image, it is not clear if I
should install the standalone radio image whose link is provided
in the web page, (and described as: "In both methods of flashing
your device, you need to download a radio image package from the
list of links in the table above"), OR if I should install the
radio image that is provided within the Recovery Image zip file,
which is described as:
"Each recovery image package is a .zip archive containing the
full contents of a recovery partition, including:
    * A boot image - contains the kernel and initrd.
    * A recovery image - contains files used for rebuilding/
      updating the system.
    * A system image - contains the Android platform/apps of
      the specified version.
    * A radio image - contains the compatible radio firmware."

To avoid bricking my phone, I wanted to be sure as to which
radio image to use in the step for "Update the Device Radio
Firmware", of this process, in order to ensure compatibility.



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Hash: SHA1

Too bad. This makes functional testing more complex and longer than it
should... :-(
But why doesn't it work in older emulator versions than 2.2?

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