by Libertin » Mon, 03 May 2010 08:32:05 GMT

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 hi, also have a m1....what's the status?



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1. Webview: CSS Gradients vs Background Images

Hey guys,

I've got a general performance question. In my Webview app, I'm trying
to display a div (statically-sized) that is 100px x 200px. The div has
a linear gradient that goes the whole 200px. From a performance
standpoint, do you believe that it would be fastest to use an
optimized 1px image and tile the background, or to use the -webkit-
gradient function?

I'm really only asking because the "webkit-gradient" implementation
looks a little crappy to me. The gradient isn't "smooth" like it is in
Chrome,/Safari; it's extremely striated, like you'd get with a poorly
optimized .GIF, circa 1998. Would a tiled image degrade performance?

I like the idea of the CSS as I can change the size of the elements
easily for future phones, but I'm not sure if the visual hit is worth

Thanks for any help!


2. Still looking for a USB/modem tethering solution

I moved from Windows Mobile to Android and the only thing I miss is
WM's simple to use modem, which permits easy connection of the phone
to a laptop to permit Internet access using the phone's 3G connection.

I've searched for a few solutions for the G1 but they're all complex
or don't work very well. My latest attempt involved PDANet, which
constantly drops the connection and works very slowly.

Is there anything better - that doesn't involve a hacked phone?

I have a 3Gb data plan so I don't see why I can't use this allowance
any way I like.


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