Does anyone think tab headers are way too big in Android?

by » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 03:53:01 GMT

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 Yes nice to have pretty icons and all, but when I'm scrolling through
Market in landscape mode, I can only see 3 apps at a time because the
tab header takes up 20% of the screen. I end up having to go portrait,
but then I can't type :(

This is actually a problem for all apps that use tab headers in
landscape mode and I don't know if you can programatically shrink
them, but none of the apps I use have done this.

I don't think the icons themselves are a bad idea (in fact I think in
these times, they are quite important), but why can't they be
horizontally aligned with the text like all internet browser tabs do -
which are also designed to maximize the space for content.

Mobile phone screens are by their nature limited in size so this seems
like something that should be addressed to improve the user experience.

Does anyone think tab headers are way too big in Android?

by lbcoder » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 04:16:51 GMT

 Time for you to upgrade to android 1.5. With the VK, you can type in
portrait mode.
But yeah, those tabs are touch big.

On Apr 28, 3:52pm, ""


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Does anyone think tab headers are way too big in Android?

by » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:25:49 GMT

 Yes.  Tabs are way too big.  I tried VERY hard to shrink them
programmatically, with no satisfactory success.  I believe there was a
thread about this somewhere wherein a Android dev wrote somethign to
the effect of, "Why would you want to change the size of your
widgets?  They're that big for a reason - so users can interact with
them easily."

I don't buy it.  The tabs seems that big only so that they can fit an
icon, since they're significantly taller than default buttons.  I
think it's an oversight that there's no way to reclaim all the icon-
ready space for icon-less tabs.


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