A little question about Modular Content

by chineseome...@gmail.com » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 09:05:57 GMT

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 is it possible for an application to use downloaded files on the SD
card or system memory? I'd like to develop a framework application
that can use files downloaded off the web as episodic content or
expandable modules.

also if it is possible, what file types are directly downloadable onto
the phone from the browser?


A little question about Modular Content

by MrSnowflake » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 22:58:15 GMT

 Why wouldn't that work? If you develop your application so it uses
scripts and stuff like that, then that can be loaded from SD, if you
want to update your program code (the Java stuff) then you have to
update the application. Which isn't that big a problem, because Market
now supports it, afaik.

On 6 mrt, 02:05, "chineseome...@gmail.com" <chineseome...@gmail.com>


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A little question about Modular Content

by chineseome...@gmail.com » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 23:44:33 GMT

 i was just concerned about the availability of file support.  ideally
i would like a container file such as a Zip to deliver the content in
a nice deliverable package, but i had read that the phones will not
download that type of file from the browser.

i have found no documentation about what files can and can't be
delivered via browser and/or USB and whether there are distinctions
between dev phone file options and standard phone.


also versioning of the application is not so much an issue, i would
like people to be able to only download and use the modules they would
like to, not update the entire application with a bloated compilation
of all the files

thank you for your reply

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