Building android source for the first time on new machine java version error,

by MCON Dev » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 12:41:47 GMT

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 Issue 1 : Error : Your version is: java version "1.6.0_0". The correct
version is: 1.5.
Should I downgrade java ?

Issue 2 : I was unable to process gpg --import for some reason it hung for a
very long time, or never prompted me for the key. I then pasted the key to a
file key.asc and ran gpg --import key.asc, Error : "no valid OpenPGP data

The needs a bit of improvement. It would be good
if you did not assume repo and git knowledge (80% of my audience during
trainings). I request that you change just these few lines to ensure that it
builds more easily.

Please help
mConDev Team


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 I am new to this forum, i am trying to access the internet in the
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1. Set the default proxy from Windows > Preferences > Android >

2.Added  '-http-proxy <proxy> in the default emulator option.

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3.Set the proxy on the emulator from Settings > Wireless controls >
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