Building android source for the first time on new machine java version error,

by MCON Dev » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 12:41:47 GMT

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 Issue 1 : Error : Your version is: java version "1.6.0_0". The correct
version is: 1.5.
Should I downgrade java ?

Issue 2 : I was unable to process gpg --import for some reason it hung for a
very long time, or never prompted me for the key. I then pasted the key to a
file key.asc and ran gpg --import key.asc, Error : "no valid OpenPGP data

The needs a bit of improvement. It would be good
if you did not assume repo and git knowledge (80% of my audience during
trainings). I request that you change just these few lines to ensure that it
builds more easily.

Please help
mConDev Team


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1. French character encoding issues

Hi all,

I'm wondering if I found a bug in Android.  When I run this code on my

     String myData = "hockey,march,football";
     byte[] rawData;
 rawData = myData.getBytes("UTF-8");

System.out.println("UTF-8 decoded: "+new String(rawData,"UTF-8"));
      System.out.println("Default decoded: "+new String(rawData));

I get the output:

*UTF-8 decoded: hockey,march,football*
*Default decoded: hockey,march,football*

However, when I run the same code in an Android application and view the
output it "adb logcat" I get:

*D/FileUtils(  485): UTF-8 decoded: hockey,marchfootball*
*D/FileUtils(  485): Default decoded: hockey,marchfootball*

I get the same issue if I change the locale of my phone to French (Canada)
as well.  It doesn't seem like French characters are getting encoded

Any thoughts?

Simon Mac Donald


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onConfigurationChanged is not getting called when changing the
orientation from portrait to landscape.But when I am changing from
landscape to portrait the method is getting called.
Is it the correct behavior because the onConfigurationChanged should
by called whenever we are changing the orientation.

I have also found one strange behavior or error, When we are changing
from  portrait to landscape orientation the string value is displayed
correctly(automatically by android system) but when in am changing the
orientation from landscape to portrait the same string is
displayed(i.e the string in landscape mode).The expected behavoiur is
the string id specified in the portrait mode should be displayed.Is it
an platform bug or something worng in my code/programming.

Wait for the response.



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