adc2: can use third party lib from the market?

by blues » Mon, 03 Aug 2009 04:27:23 GMT

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 My app uses the text-to-speech lib from the market, which is developed
by Google Charles Chan.

So is it eligible to have the app download the lib from the market?

And any technique difficulty here? for example, will the app be able
to use the lib from the different source? any security limitation?



adc2: can use third party lib from the market?

by blues » Wed, 05 Aug 2009 13:30:38 GMT

 Somehow this post is not showing unless I do a search. Hopefully my
reply can help it.


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adc2: can use third party lib from the market?

by Yusuf T. Mobile » Thu, 06 Aug 2009 01:28:19 GMT

 Your post made it to the mailing list, don't worry.

I am not an official of the contest, but from my reading of the rules,
3rd-party libraries are not disallowed, as long as you conform to
their license terms.

Yusuf Saib
T  Mobile stick together
The views, opinions and statements in this email are those of the
author solely in their individual capacity, and do not necessarily
represent those of T-Mobile USA, Inc.


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