using TraceView

by rajorshi » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 17:07:38 GMT

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I have recently started working on an app which has both Java and
native components. I am trying to generate trace information for both
components using Debug.startMethodTracing("myapp") and
Debug.startNativeTracing() alternately. However, both are behaving
unexpectedly. When I use Debug.startMethodTracing("myapp"), I can see
a file "/sdcard/myapp.trace" being created but it is always empty no
matter how long I run my app. When I use Debug.startNativeTracing()
and start the emulator with the -trace <tracename> switch, I see a
message saying "Trace started", but when I try to run my app, the
emulator crashes. Am I missing something obvious here? How do I debug
this problem?

Thanks for any help.


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